Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Hangman's Mask

The Hangman's Mask is actually a noose. To create this noose one must first braid a rope out of the hair of hanging victims, preferably those who were innocent and framed. The noose must then be used to strangle their executioner during a crescent moon.

The enchanted noose can then be worn as a necklace, allowing its wearer to alter his appearance to those of the victims. Though the appearance can be changed at will, all changes after the very first one and any attempt to remove the noose will cause a strangulation roll:

The wearer rolls a d10, with a +1 modifier for every victim he has avenged (by killing the one who framed them, usually). If the result is 4 or less, the noose will attempt to strangle the wearer. While strangling, the noose will lessen its hold (though not coming off) only with the use of Remove Curse or Dispel Evil. Otherwise it loosens only when the wearer dies or the noose is destroyed (it's flammable and easy to cut.)

The noose will automatically try to strangle anyone who framed one of its victims.

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