Monday, October 10, 2011


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Chrono-Assassins are mysterious operatives that hail from the haunted deserts of the Southeast. Only few people even know about them and none have been known to hire their services. They only work for their almost monastic secret order, the Order of the Hourglass. Some say that the assassins work for Chronolords, powerful liches that have uncovered the secrets of the sands of time and now lurk in timeless dimensions, sending only their agents to work in the material plane.

The Chrono-assassins have control over time, due to the secrets taught to them during their meticulous training. First, they can see a few seconds to the feature with their singe mechanical golden eye, giving them a 50% chance to evade any attack they have the speed and mobility to evade. They are also never caught surprised, unless sleeping. Any given chrono-assassin wields one of two weapons; a gilded bronze khopesh or a silenced firearm, usually a rifle of exquisite detail. Each assassin that has the rifle also has 1d6 chronobullets. These bullets affect their target 1d6 rounds after being fired, usually allowing the assassin to shoot their target a couple of times and, if lucky, even leave the crime scene before the target is hit.

Some veteran (and with a chrono-assassin this might imply thousands of years of training) assassins have additional powers, including jumping in time 1d6 rounds into the future or even the past, effectively summoning a duplicate from the future to fight alongside himself. After 1d6 rounds, however, the original disappears as he travels back into the past. Any wounds done to the original also appear on the duplicate, including death.

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