Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Red Corps

The Red Corps a.ka. the Red Angels are a mercenary military company that first mobilized in the Weird Wars. The Corps is unique in that it's composed almost entirely of medics and usually only a few soldiers from the company are recruited per mission. The angels are easily identified by their crimson trenchcoats, blood-shot eyes and anemic look.

The Red Corps was founded by Major Rothmann, a medic and a magus who specialized in blood magic. He found that the ability to quench, control and purify blood was an invaluable ability on the front lines of the first Weird War. His superiors, however, condemned the nigh-demoniac blood-rites heretical and kicked him out of the military. Rothmann, just a captain then, decided to found his own mercenary company.

A Red Corps blood-mage can serve in battle by rapidly healing and causing wounds, neutralizing poison and inciting fear and rage in the enemy. They are quite useless against undead or mechanical forces however. And while peerless in the field of battle-surgery they can't raise the dead like their necromantic brethren in the Black Battalion.

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