Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fractal Planes

During the last century, mathematicians have discovered fractals, mathematic formulae that create shapes with finite size but infinite detail. A simple equation, no longer than a line of text, can create a world within a world within a world. The tiniest outcropping becoming a massive mountain over a small scratch that becomes a continental canyon.

Some fractal cosmologists even believe that the nature of the planes, time or cosmos itself is fractal, with ourselves just too small and large to see the whole picture. They seem to be at least somewhat right, as some of them have created demiplanes and pocket dimensions with these new equations, the most horrific being the Maze, an infinite prison plane containing a maze within a maze within a maze...

The more sinister ones want to change the whole nature of reality by altering the grand equation they believe to be behind the workings of the multiverse, the formula that defines everything in the cosmos from the largest galaxies to the smallest atom.

These are basically 3D fractals, if you haven't seen them, you should check them out now!

I want to apologize for the irregularity of these posts lately. I've been busy with starting my education at the university, which has eaten a lot of my time. I've been working on FACTS in the meantime, though. I'm beginning to suspect it won't quite fit into a pocketmod format though :/

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