Thursday, August 4, 2011

Demon summoning

Demons, though often confused with devils, are more primal and protean in nature. In their natural forms demons are immaterial spirits, manifesting themselves as electrical malfunctions, weird shadows, radio interference and so on. To create a true demon, one must perform a summoning.

To summon a demon, you need a receptacle for the spirit. This vessel can vary greatly, though corpses and special homunculi are the most common. There is only one variable that never changes from summoning to summoning: human blood. The blood gives the demon its intelligence and hunger for life, twisting the spirit to the raw animal needs of the body it didn't have before. During the summoning, the blood and the demon with it bond with the receptacle on a primal level, and if one is destroyed, the other follows.

To get the most powerful and useful demons, one needs to use lots of blood and a mostly human corpse. The corpse is usually spliced together using animal and human parts appropriate for the task. The most common formulae for this splicing include a bat/monkey for messenger imps and familiars, a goat/human for a dark satyr and many many others from minotaur warriors to octopus-headed psychics. During the summoning, the demons power twists the corpse to its proper proportions, turning the flesh soot black and the eyes milk white.

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