Saturday, October 20, 2012

Unlikely Martial Arts: Toad Style

So yeah, haven't updated in a while. Sorry about that. So let's kick this blog back in gear with three system-agnostic vaguely defined martial arts styles!

Martial artists who are trained in the toad style often do everything in their power to seem nonthreatening and keep their status as a formidable fighter a secret. The toad style relies on a single determined surprise attack to start and finish a battle, like a frog suddenly snatching a wandering fly.

In game mechanic terms, toads can direct their vital energies to make their very touch poisonous. This can take many rounds of concentration, depending on the desired potency of the venom. After the toad stops concentrating, the poison starts to dissipate and weaken at the same rate that it's potency grows while concentrating. A toad cannot start creating poison while still retaining any amount of the previous dosage in his system and must wait until fully purged to begin the process again.

Next time: Slug!