Friday, September 21, 2012

Psychic Power List Part VI

This time we have on the power list puppeteer, remote viewing and sleep. Puppeteer is your basic mind control discipline, where you can direct your target's movements. Remote viewing is a power that is great for recon work and divination. Sleep allows you to put others to sleep, which can be very useful in the right (wrong) hands.

You can control the bodies of living persons. The movements of the controlled creatures seem jilted and awkward unless you are possessing them. You can affect the voluntary movements of the target, including speech, but cannot affect other functions such as thought, psychic powers, emotions, chemical reactions or involuntary functions such as breathing and heartbeat. It’s harder to control the whole body as opposed to individual limbs. The target can resist the control if your concentration is not wholly on controlling it.
Trappings: puppet, unnatural movement

Friday, September 7, 2012

Psychic Power List Part V

This time we have phantasms, possession and psychometry. Phantasms allows you to create hallucinatory images, which can be very useful as diversions or bluffs. Possession lets you inhabit the body of an other. Psychometry allows you to 'read' things so you can feel the aura and the history of objects and places.

You can create visual illusions. The target creatures in see something differently than before. You can make things appear or change the appearance of something that is already there. You cannot, however, make something disappear or appear smaller than it actually is. You must concentrate on your illusion, with the amount of illusions causing the normal multi-action penalty. You can create many identical illusions with no added cost of concentration, for example turning all weapons in the vicinity into snakes. If you have genius, you can create an exact replica of something, provided it is the only thing you’re visualizing at the time. If you have weather control you can create illusionary weather and so on with other powers.
Trappings: smoke, mirrors, a light source

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Psychic Power List Part IV

In part four we have emotion manipulation, lucid dreaming and metabolism. Emotion manipulation can be a subtle tool for manipulating people or it can be used for more therapeutic purposes. Lucid dreaming allows a psychic to explore and control dreamworlds basically adding a new dimension into the game. Metabolism is yet another background power, allowing for a type of ageless immortality and survival in inhospitable conditions.

You can affect other people’s state of mind, making them angry, sad, calm, giddy or lustful. This is a more subtle effect than puppeteer, where you do not have actual control over your target, but can still influence them. The power has a much more pronounced effect when used to heighten an already existing mental state, turning a rainy day into a spiral of depression or bolstering anger into a furious frenzy. You cannot direct the subject of the target’s emotion. You could make someone angry, but directing that anger towards your enemies requires more mundane manipulation.

Trappings: mood swings, extreme emotions