Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lady Blackbird hack - Traits, Keys & Secrets

This is the list of Traits, Keys & Secrets I'm giving to my players to create their characters from for our hack of Lady Blackbird by John Harper. Some of the traits have been taken and modified from the Lady Blackbird companion as I found their listings quite haphazard (not surprising considering the companion is just a conglomerate of various different Lady Blackbird house rules).

Setting details are still in shift but the basic premise is an urban Victorian alchemical steampunk fantasy.

Load the PDF here.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Owl Talisman

The Owl Talisman is a magic amulet created by the Odin-worshiping druids of the north. The amulet consists of a mummified owl eye hung from a string, with three feathers pointing downwards. The carrier of the talisman can see normally in darkness. The carrier's senses are also amplified and the talisman grants him a +1 bonus to all Instinct rolls.

The Owl Talisman has additional powers when fed with the blood of humans. The active power depends on the age of the last person in whose blood the talisman was soaked in:
< 10 Years old - Can see through illusions
> 50 Years old - Gains +1 to all Lore rolls
All ages: Can see invisible things

Once activated, a power lasts only until the next full moon, after which the amulet must be fed again to gain the benefits.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Efreet emissaries

On the coasts of the Sea of Burning Sand lies a city ruled by a council of mysterious men. They are known as the Emissaries, and they secretly work for the City of Brass on the plane of fire. As their efreet lords cannot easily enter the material plane in sufficient numbers to conquer it, they have created their own breed of lawful evil humanoids by magically mixing devil and human stock.

These emissaries of the efreet are exceptional diplomats due to their infernal blood, and most have some talent in simple sorcery. Most of their talents lie outside of combat, however, and they prefer to conquer cities with their silver tongues rather than their swords. While they have some resistance to fire, the efreet do not allow the emissaries to grow too powerful lest they decide to invade the plane of fire next. The emissaries are easily identified from their stubby horns and the stripped brass half-plate that has been branded permanently to their arms and breast. All emissaries radiate an aura of law and evil.

Quick Pathfinder stats for a typical emissary: