Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Messengers

The Messengers, or, the Angelicus, are an intergalactic race of parasites. Their bodies are composed of some sort of sentient energy, fueled by the electromagnetic flame in the middle of their bodies. From this core also extends what is roughly analogous to organic limbs. These are their tails, feelers, and skeletal wings that appear as arcs of gas-covered electricity.

It is through these electric appendages that the Messengers control their victims, sending electric signals to their nerves to control their actions. They usually occupy vertebrae by nesting in their brains, coiling their tail in the spinal cord and occasionally extending their feelers through the eyes.

The Messengers are extremely dangerous, as they can emit a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from their eyes, including gamma-, infrared- and ultraviolet radiation, capable of killing most organic material in mere seconds and melting even the most resilient of metals. They can also emit any color of visible light. Messengers can be detected by their small background emissions that deter radiocommunications and radar.

It is theorized that radiation is in fact the Messengers' primary form of communication. This constant telepathy allows them to act as a unified force, where singular Messengers often act like extensions of a hive mind.

It is rumoured that the Messengers' ship, a research vessel referred to as the Lightbrindger, crashlanded somewhere in the east, hidden under a temple built by sorcerers who made a pact with the things. Since their landing, hidden cults have continued to rise that wish to either control or contain the radiant creatures, the most prominent since the Sorcerer Kings being The Order of the Flaming Angel.

The Messengers die or dissipate if submerged in water or other conductive liquid. They can be contained only by applying a constant stream of electricity when occupying a victim, so that they cannot maintain form long enough to create coherent radiation.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beetle Mole Syndrome

The Beetle Mole Syndrome (also known as scarabaesis) is a horrible but fortunately rare disease that sometimes pops up in the eastern deserts. The victim is slowly but surely covered in black, mole-like tumors. These tumors usually appear overnight one at a time, and can continue to multiply for three to seven days before hatching.

The surface of the moles is composed of chitin-like substance and can break if scratched, releasing a spray of puss and leaving a circular scar on the skin. However, if left undisturbed, the moles disappear after a time, leaving only physical and emotional scarring.

The victims usually also suffer from hallucinations, claiming that they see and hear the moles sometimes flap their wings when they're alone.

First Post

So I've decided to start a new blog to share my ideas and thoughts about roleplaying games. The subjects I'll touch will most likely include the horror, fantasy and sci-fi genres with others like pulp and gothic mixed in. We'll see how it goes!