Friday, April 20, 2012

Dark Sorcery PDF

I have finally finished the new and streamlined and shiny version of Dark Sorcery rules. They are for now in condensed pocketmod format, but I will probably create other versions as well when I have the time. I really think this new version is a lot more robust and extendable than the other abominations I have created but only time will tell.

Get Dark Sorcery Pocketmod version!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Faux-Persian mini-skirmish thing

Going through my archives I found this little skirmish type of rules-skeleton that I think was inspired by Dungeons of Dredmor of all things.
These rules have holes I'm sure and are pretty raw, but I think the idea of only rolling if you dodge, block or counter an attack instead of rolling if you hit is pretty cool. Cover/concealment could be implemented with a 'miss-chance' type of thing. Also I think the health system is redundant. Maybe only for larger monsters/heroes? The weapon categories can be combined, I think, so that you can be armored and have a shield and light weapon or unarmored with a heavy spear.

But yeah, bare-bones, as I found it, rules for Persian combat: