Friday, September 21, 2012

Psychic Power List Part VI

This time we have on the power list puppeteer, remote viewing and sleep. Puppeteer is your basic mind control discipline, where you can direct your target's movements. Remote viewing is a power that is great for recon work and divination. Sleep allows you to put others to sleep, which can be very useful in the right (wrong) hands.

You can control the bodies of living persons. The movements of the controlled creatures seem jilted and awkward unless you are possessing them. You can affect the voluntary movements of the target, including speech, but cannot affect other functions such as thought, psychic powers, emotions, chemical reactions or involuntary functions such as breathing and heartbeat. It’s harder to control the whole body as opposed to individual limbs. The target can resist the control if your concentration is not wholly on controlling it.
Trappings: puppet, unnatural movement

By concentrating, you can view distant places as if you were there. You must specify the actual location you’re viewing, although a psychic link allows you to view the linked creature’s location. While remote viewing, you must roll to notice things that are happening in your actual vicinity. The view can be adjusted on the fly, either moving, rotating or zooming it. You cannot use psychic powers or otherwise affect the scene through the view.
Trappings: reflective surfaces, a mirror, a crystal ball, rippling or foggy images, spaced out eyes

You can cause a person to go asleep. The affected subject immediately goes into a deep slumber and start dreaming shortly afterwards. They can be woken up by anything that would normally wake up a person from a deep sleep. They cannot, however be woken by any means for a few seconds after falling asleep, therefore not waking up from hitting the floor if they happened to be standing before. Alternatively, you can continue to concentrate on them, making them difficult to awaken.
Trappings: hypnotizing eyes, soothing words, spontaneous unconsciousness

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