Sunday, September 2, 2012

Psychic Power List Part IV

In part four we have emotion manipulation, lucid dreaming and metabolism. Emotion manipulation can be a subtle tool for manipulating people or it can be used for more therapeutic purposes. Lucid dreaming allows a psychic to explore and control dreamworlds basically adding a new dimension into the game. Metabolism is yet another background power, allowing for a type of ageless immortality and survival in inhospitable conditions.

You can affect other people’s state of mind, making them angry, sad, calm, giddy or lustful. This is a more subtle effect than puppeteer, where you do not have actual control over your target, but can still influence them. The power has a much more pronounced effect when used to heighten an already existing mental state, turning a rainy day into a spiral of depression or bolstering anger into a furious frenzy. You cannot direct the subject of the target’s emotion. You could make someone angry, but directing that anger towards your enemies requires more mundane manipulation.

Trappings: mood swings, extreme emotions

Whenever you are asleep, you are conscious of the fact that you are in a dream. This allows you to change and direct the dream and the actors therein, with the only your imagination limiting the possibilities. You can also drift from your dream into another, entering the dreams of other people or beings. While outside your own dreams, however, your abilities are limited to dream-versions of your psychic powers, so if you have weather control you could affect the weather in the dream, but this not being reality could make truly stupendous weather effects occur. Psychics without lucid dreaming can also use their powers in this way while dreaming. Alternatively, you can wrest a dreamworld from its dreamer with a contest of wills. Gaining dominion over a god’s dream, is naturally impossible for a mortal psychic.
Trappings: incense

You can control and sustain your body to an incredible degree. Your need for sustenance and sleep is reduced to negligible and your aging is slowed down. By concentrating, you can control your heart rate and need of oxygen. You can enter a hibernation state that takes a day to enter but allows you to completely shut down your body, including eliminating your need for air and warmth. All mental actions take a penalty while you’re hibernating, unless using astral projection or similar powers to leave your body. Damage wakes you instantaneously but otherwise your slumber ceases only between long periods of time.
Trappings: mummified appearance, a sarcophagus


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