Thursday, August 23, 2012

Psychic Power List Part III

So we have come to the third part of this list. This time we have mesmerism, genius and location. Mesmerism is your common fascination/captivation ability, which is useful among other things for preparing a subject to other psychic powers. Genius is a passive power, its most obvious utility coming from photographic memory. This power is mostly for flavor/consistency and so that devil-like creatures and dark muses can offer musical skills or mad genius for unfortunate souls. Location is another low-key power, though it can be useful if combined creatively with other powers as it allows you to know the exact location of anyone you have a psychic link to, including those sensed through telepathy or psychometry.

You can emit an aura of fascination that encaptivates one or more non-psychics around you. While using this power, the targets’ attention is fully fixated on your every move and word. Anyone under the influence loses all awareness of their surroundings and become harmless, unless attacked or physically affected. If you have animal control, you can use this on animals as well. The targets need to be able to see or hear you for the power to work, the effect dissipating if they are unable to sense you for more than a few seconds. The number of successes you get on your will roll count as a bonus to any subsequent powers used on the captivated targets.

Trappings: captivating eyes and voice, dumbstruck audience

Your mind is a marvellous thing. You can remember everything you’ve ever read or experienced with near photographic quality. If you are in academia, you are at the cutting edge of your field, creating new theories which make the previous tries to understand the universe look like the works of dullards. If you are an artist you are a virtuoso, a master of your craft. This power is mostly passive, although it affects nearly all aspects of your cognitive processes. Note also that having supreme intelligence doesn’t guarantee that others will appreciate your genius.
Trappings: eureka moments, copious undecipherable notes

You always know your (or anyone’s you have psychic link to) absolute location anywhere on earth. You also always know your orientation, and thus which way is north or up and every distance you can see or have in your mind with perfect accuracy. If you also have genius, your brain stores a perfect map of every place you have ever seen or been to. Usual obstacles to navigation, such as darkness, don’t hinder you at all, provided you have seen the place before and it hasn’t changed since. This sense of location also instantly tells you what dimension you’re in. On the down side, alien geometries make you really confused.
Trappings: magnet or magnetic rock

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