Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Psychic Power List Part II

So, on to the actual powers. First we have animal control, astral projection and commune. Animal control is useful for indirect operations, such as spying and guarding or even attacks. Astral projection is useful for exploration or sneaky maneuvers as you're invisible and pretty much untouchable while doing so, though your body is defenseless. Commune is mostly for NPC:s and is used by cultists and priests to commune with their god for advice or to provide sacrifice and prayer. To get the most out of commune you'd need to rely on the respect and fear the god itself has.

You can communicate with and command all types of animals. You can control the animals directly or assign them simple tasks that come to them naturally (such as hunting for a hound or running for a horse.) While you can control their actions, the creatures still remain of animal intellect and cannot perform complex tasks autonomously. Animals also never voluntarily attack you, even if you’re unconscious, though your control over them ceases if this happens. If you also have possession, you can possess animals at will. They will not resist your possession.
Trappings: one or more animal parts (teeth, feathers, scales, bones, etc)

Your mind can leave your body at will. While not occupied, your body goes limp and cannot move unless made to move with puppeteer. Your mind, however, can move at will, unbound by gravity or barriers, flying at a speed to rival birds. You are invisible while projecting, unless you use a psychic power other than astral projection, in which case you appear as a ghostly apparition. Your body is alive but unconscious and you can be killed while projecting. If your body is killed while you’re not occupying it, you become a spectre. You can see and hear, but not touch, smell or taste while projecting. You can use psychic powers.
Trappings: vacant body, ghostly apparitions

You can open a psychic channel to a god. While this channel is open, the god can speak to you and read your mind, allowing conversation. This also opens a psychic link between you and the god, though the god cannot be affected by any non-divine psychic beings or powers. This channel also allows the god to work through you, using its considerable psychic prowess or even possess you. Usually this is used for the god’s curses or blessings. The god’s control over you and your surroundings stop immediately if the channel is cut. Note that this power doesn’t guarantee that the god so communed with is benevolent towards you. Gods don’t take unnecessary communions lightly.
Trappings: incense, an altar, an icon or symbol

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