Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Black Wheel Casino

Samael Black is the owner of the Black Wheel casino and a minor demigod of (mis)fortune. He is Neutral Evil, and uses his powers to alter the chances of players so that he comes out with the biggest profits possible but so that there's always at least one person with a magical winning streak. After all, it's excellent marketing. He can also use his powers for the good of other people. For a price, of course.

Black's powers as an aspect of luck allow him to re-roll dice for any action done in his presence. This includes all actual dice or drawn cards in the game world as well. However, the second roll once rolled has to be accepted and cannot be re-rolled.

The main attraction in the casino, however is the titular Black Wheel. This 2-meter tall wheel of fortune is an artifact, and is decorated with black and gold. A person can only roll the wheel once a day. Black himself never rolls the wheel, although his powers can affect it.

The Black Wheel - d10
1 Your soul is sucked into the Wheel, as if by the spell magic jar, and your body is disintegrated
2 One random attribute decreases by 2d4
3 One random attribute increases by 2d4
4 You become 3d10 years older
5 You become 3d10 years younger
6 Half your money turns to ash
7 All of your money duplicates, doubling your wealth
8 You die
9 You become immortal for d10 days (you don't know for how long)
10 You are granted a miracle

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