Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kill it with fire!

Holy hell my update schedule has been dead lately. Sorry about that.

Sometimes mundane weapons are not enough. Sometimes you have to kill it with fire! Some methods of dispensing fiery death follow:

Flamethrower: The classic, though heavy and cumbersome, not to mention explosively dangerous.
Molotov cocktails: Cheap and easy to make. Easily broken, which might pose difficulties when you find yourself soaked in gasoline in the middle of a literal firefight.
Flaregun: When you need range. Not exactly fast to reload though and probably not as powerful as some games would like you to assume.
Flare/Torch: Useful for light as well as desperate melee. Underwater flares can be extremely useful when facing your opponent is aquatic as well as flammable.
Spraycan-flamer: Another cheap and easy weapon, just an aerosol can and a lighter. Range or temperature probably not very optimal though.
Fireworks: Have fuses, so probably most useful as timers for other flammable explosives or as distractions.
Propane/gasoline cans: Common flammable/explosive canisters for jury-rigged bombs or wholesale arson.
Dragon's breath: Phosphorus rounds for shotguns. Turns the weapon into a miniature flamethrower, basically.
Phosphorus rounds: Explosive bullets treated with white phosphorus. Mostly smolder in the victim. Tracer rounds probably count too.
Incendiary grenades: Designed to setting things on fire, and this they do well.
Blowtorch: Hot as hell, though once again, low range and possibly hard to move if it has a separate gas tank.
Ovens/grills: Easy to forget, but extremely useful if you can wrangle the opponent into them and keep them immobile while their face melts.
Cigarettes: Burn long and stable, small and easily explained. Mostly useful for surprise attacks or to light fuses.
Infra-red blaster: Weapons that fire infra-red (heat) radiation. Used to boil retinas and make people blind. Banned by the Geneva convention.
Hot irons: Heat metal objects in the chimney or with the blowtorch. More useful if you can press it against your opponent.
High voltage: Extremely high voltage can cook flesh, as well as paralyze the opponent.
Lasers: Lasers can be hard to come by, but are effectively searing rays of light.
Sunlight:Sufficiently concentrated sunlight (via a mirror or a lens) can burn your opponent. Remember the ants and the magnifying glass?

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