Thursday, August 11, 2011


Moggorod, the Buried City, was once the greatest center of chymical knowledge and research in the known world. Now, however, it's a frozen ruin inhabited only by vengeful ghosts, coal-fueled iron-golems and desperate scavengers.

It's not known why exactly the Frozen Holocaust occurred, but the effects were clear; the city was covered in a layer ice and snow many meters deep overnight with all its inhabitants frozen to death, apparently instantly. The only "living" things left functioning were the numerous golems used for factory and security work.

Rational minds blame the incident on Ice-9, a chymical substance that theoretically could cause a chain reaction and turn all the water it came into contact with to ice. Others believe that the hubris of the city angered the gods. Yet others say that the force behind the Frozen Holocaust was an ancient frost elemental, disturbed by the heat of the city's forges and factories.

Those who are not afraid of the rumours or stupid enough to brave the city's dangers of cold winds, incorporeal undead and automated security measures for the riches and secrets hidden beneath the frozen city find either immortal glory or an early grave. There are those veteran scavengers, however, who are said to know the layout of the tunnels in the snow and the fuel-fetching schedules of their black iron guardians.

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