Friday, August 19, 2011

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a unique single-action revolver that belonged to the famed monster-hunter and gunslinger Johnny Claine. The Wheel is easily recognised by its striking blue colors with a silver finish and the 'X' carved on the handle.

Johnny was known for loading a different type of magic bullet into each chamber, so that a quick succession of shots would most likely hold the bane for the creature at hand. This quirk of the gun was amplified when Johnny lost the weapon and his soul in a game of Russian roulette.

The Wheel has an unopenable cylinder, and the weapon therefore cannot be loaded by traditional means. However, after depleting, the gun reloads by itself. The first bullet is always random and impossible to determine before firing. The others follow the first one always in the same order, according to this table:

Roll a d6 for the first bullet
1 - Witchbane: Anyone hit is unable to use magic.
2 - Silver: A werewolf or other shapeshifter hit cannot transform from its current form.
3 - Sacred: Demons and undead take damage until the bullet is removed. Turns water into holy water.
4 - Web: The target is enclosed in webs and cannot move.
5 - Rust: The wooden bullet pierces metal and armor and causes it to rust.
6 - Seeking: The bullet automatically hits its target or the nearest creature if targeted at no-one.

All effects last until the next sunrise. All the bullets except silver and rust are made of cold iron.

The Wheel of Fortune can be destroyed only by using it in a game of Russian roulette and winning. (Which since the gun is always full, would be quite difficult.)

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