Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pirates of the East Indies: Map

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This is a map I prepared for our Pirates of the East Indies FATE mash-up game next Saturday. I've been a bit busy with it whole week, so the Dark Angels playtest will has been put on hold for the time being. The map descriptions are based on wikipedia, though embellished somewhat for a more fantasy feel at places. The names of the islands and the rulers are what they were in 1625, though most of the kingdoms have been simplified to one island.

Map Locations:

A. Ceylon: Factions: Portugal, Buddhism. Cities: Colombo (west).
Important trade-harbor with the Indian Ocean. Also the center of Portuguese power in the East Indies, fighting Buddhist majority rebels. Known as India's teardrop, Pearl of the Indian ocean.

B. Siam: Factions: Kingdom of Ayutthaya. Cities: Ayuthhaya (east)
Feudal kingdom. King Naresuan secured his throne after an elephant-duel with the Burmese king. Now 70, he seems unnaturally young, ruling the Bay of Thailand with his undying army.

C. Patani: Factions: Sultanate of Patani. Cities: Patani (east).
Ruled by Ratu Ungu, “The Purple Queen”. Economically and militarily powerful muslims.
Tributary of Siam. Matriarchal society.

D. Sumatra: Factions: Portugal, Islam. Cities: Aceh (north), Malacca (south)
Ruled by Sultan Alauddin Shah. Extremist lightbringer-scientists in the darkness of southeastern Asia. At war with the Portuguese invaders of south Sumatra.

E. Java: Factions: Dutch. Cities: Banten (north)
Dutch-controlled monarchy. Rulers are considered descendants of the gods themselves. Greatest warriors in the East Indies, but prone to in-fighting.

F. Borneo: Factions: Brunei Sultanate, Spain. Cities: Brunei (north)
Declining empire of the late Sultan Hassan. Internal conflicts about succession. Some remaining Spaniards who were not taken by the disease released from Brunei during the war with the Spanish Philippines.

G. Celebes: Factions: Dutch, British. Cities: Makassar (south)
Makassar is the center of trade in Indonesia. Fortified walls built in to the sea prevent invasion by ships. Gold mines, British factory in Makassar.

H. Philippine Islands: Factions: Spain. Cities: Manila (north-west)
Roman Catholic Christian. The western part of the Vice-royalty of New Spain a.k.a the Spanish East Indies. A trade ship comes twice a year from America, trading slaves, silk, silver and gold. Governed by the Governor-General Fernándo de Silva.

I. The Spice Islands: Factions: Spain, Dutch. Cities: No large cities.
Fighting over the islands by Spain (north) and Dutch (south). The biggest producer of spices and fish. Small islands with no central government.

J. Terra Australis Incognita: Factions: Aboriginals. Cities: None.
Has only been landed on a couple of times by the Dutch. No permanent settlements have been built by the invaders. Dry and flat and mysterious.

K. New Guinea: Factions: (formally) Spain
The world's second largest island, claimed by a Spanish explorer in 1606. No settlements by Europeans. Irrigation and farming centuries ahead of Europe. Dense populations and high rainfall. Headhunting is popular. Volcanic geology; mountains and earthquakes.

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