Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rewrites & Dark Angels (Rogues Gallery II)

So I'm rewriting the game again. Most of it's just refactoring and clarifying the old text and the ideas behind it, but there are also some more significant changes. Most importantly, I'm adapting a conflict resolution system similar to Bringing Down the Pain from The Shadow of Yesterday. I've also thought about what each Skill actually means, in the process getting rid of separate tracks for Willpower and Stamina (or more accurately, making the tracks conflict specific.) A lot of overt and covert changes means that this second edition will probably be almost unrecognisable. I've taken the game offline till I'm done with the revisions.

Meanwhile, I'm going to test these changes by playing a solo game, inspired of course by the Risus Monkey's play reports, though I'll be using an extremely simplified version of the Mythic GME, with every yes/no question being a dice roll and maybe a specific random action table for each character. And probably some other random generation tables or something, we'll see.

Anyway, here's the first character in our dynamic trio (of course, the character is viable to change if I make more changes):

The Inquisitor

Jonathan Caine
[ ] Fighting: Revolver
[-] Agility: Shadowing
[+] Charisma: Interrogation
[ ] Toughness: Determined
[+] Smarts: Reading people
Hero points: 2
Dark Powers: Cinder Gaze: Can see the violence and suffering that has occurred in his surroundings in the past. Telltale: Glowing eyes.
Flaws: Can never turn his powers off. Compelled to punish the wicked.
Backstory: Jonathan Caine is the leader of the Dark Angels, a band of vigilantes whose souls are condemned for their meddling with infernal forces. Jonathan used to be a private investigator, but after unwittingly making a deal with a devil along with the other Angels, was "gifted" with the ability to see the residues of past violence. He is the most sociable of the group, though this is hampered by the his eyes glowing, which is very noticeable in the dark or in places with bad history.

Note: the new Skills just mean that for a [-] you roll two dice and take the worst one and for a [+] you take the best of two. A [ ] is just a single die. I found that rolling 3 dice was causing some discrepancies as well as making it hard to evaluate probabilities. Any similarity to FUDGE dice is coincidental :)

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