Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Psionics and Steel

Lately I've been thinking about psychics and cybernetics. I want a simple system to bolt onto the ever-changing Dark Sorcery rules. I have a list of psionic powers that fit the type of electropunk world I'm thinking of right now, which I will probably revise and post on this blog this month.

Note that my system has no armor rules (the Steel score is effectively an armor save) and that a single damaging attack can be serious (courtesy of yet another wound system.) A simple damaging attacks causes the character to gain the Wounded status, while a Critical success causes a roll on the knockout table.

But, for now, the rules for cybernetic implants:

A character can have a metal replacement for six limbs: both legs, both arms, the torso and the head. The total number of augmentations (which varies from 1 to 6) is the character's Steel score.

The Steel score is the minimum target difficulty for psychic powers. Opposed powers' target difficulties may be higher, but never lower than the Steel score.

Every time the character takes damage from anything, the player may roll a single die. If that die is lower than the Steel score, the damage is decreased to the next category (knockout -> wounded, wounded -> none).
The exception is when attacked with electricity. In this case the player rolls under the Steel score as usual but if the die is low, her augmentations go haywire.

If the character (or augmentation) is submerged in water, it breaks and must be repaired, functioning as a normal lost limb until fixed.

These rules are still in shift and I need to think about the haywire rules and such but I think this is a good base.

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