Friday, April 6, 2012

Faux-Persian mini-skirmish thing

Going through my archives I found this little skirmish type of rules-skeleton that I think was inspired by Dungeons of Dredmor of all things.
These rules have holes I'm sure and are pretty raw, but I think the idea of only rolling if you dodge, block or counter an attack instead of rolling if you hit is pretty cool. Cover/concealment could be implemented with a 'miss-chance' type of thing. Also I think the health system is redundant. Maybe only for larger monsters/heroes? The weapon categories can be combined, I think, so that you can be armored and have a shield and light weapon or unarmored with a heavy spear.

But yeah, bare-bones, as I found it, rules for Persian combat:


Only the defender rolls:
Can use a weapon and shield,
a light weapon,
a ranged weapon,
a heavy weapon
or fight unarmed.

You can Dodge, Block or Counter.
these stack, so for the base stats of
Dodge 3, Block 2 and Counter 1 the table would be

1-3: Dodge
4-5: Block
6: Counter
7+: HIT!
This is the base that is modified.

Roll a d12.

There are three attacks:
melee, ranged and area.
Ranged and area attacks can't be blocked or countered,
except where noted.

+2 to Block, -1 to Dodge
Can Block ranged attacks and area attacks.

+1 to Counter

-1 to Block and Counter.

-1 to Dodge and Counter.

+1 to Dodge. Can't Block other than unarmed attacks.

In addition, you can be armored or wielding a spear:

+1 to Block, -1 to Dodge. Can Block ranged and area attacks.
+2 to Health.

On the first round, you attack first. On every subsequent round,
you attack last. You can't take Spear if you are Unarmed.

Unarmed causes 1 damage, and Heavy weapons 3.
Everything else causes 2 damage.
Most things have 3 Health.
If you've taken damage, you must take a -1 to a stat of
your choosing. A stat cannot go below zero.

Shields block fire, but armor doesn't.

You can't Counter a Counter.

To attack a ranged attacker, you need to use a turn to get
where they are or use a ranged weapon yourself.

If an area attack is Blocked, you take half damage.
If it's Dodged, you take none.

If your opponent is hidden, you take a -1 to all three stats.
If you are surprised, only your armor Block counts, you can't
counter and you take a -1 to Dodge.

You can't Block or Counter traps but your Dodge counts as double.

Chariots/Flying units can only be attack with ranged weapons
or by Counter.

Armies are a collection of Health. They can attack everyone on the scene.

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