Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toughness revamping & Dark Powers

It hasn't even been a month after uploading Hunters and I'm already rewriting it. D'oh.
The Skills as I picture them (have to get around to actually writing down what each one actually does) are pretty unbalanced right now. Charisma is way more "powerful" than Toughness. As much as I like bards and other charismatic scoundrels, this has to go.

The new method of calculating Willpower & Stamina goes thus: both start at 10. You have a pool of 3 points per dice in Toughness that you can divide between them. For example, had I two dice in Toughness, I could have a Stamina of 12 and a Willpower of 14.

Toughness now represents all kinds of fortitude and endurance, but the player can still decide whether he wants his Hunter to be tough mentally or physically.

Along with the rules for Dark Powers, I'll probably update the PocketMod version when I have part II and III ready.

Dark Powers
A Hunter can exchange his humanity in return for supernatural power. The Hunter loses 1 Hero point and gains a die in a new Skill, called Darkness. Additional die increases are cumulative, to a maximum of 3; a Hunter has only 3 Hero points to trade.

Each die of Darkness grants a Hunter a Dark Power. The range of these powers are at the GM's discretion, but can vary from Animating Dead to Prophecy, from Telekinetics to Vampirism, etc. For each die of Darkness a Hunter also gains a permanent Condition, such as Weak To Silver, Ugly As Hell, Mad With Power and so on.

The Darkness Skill is used to measure the power of all the Hunter's supernatural powers. It, however, does not facilitate the control of these powers.

Hunters who don't have any Darkness have an extra Hero point as a divine reward for their purity. In addition items that are considered 'holy' don't cause them harm.

Presenting such an item to a creature of darkness, a Hunter can use the beast's own Darkness Skill in the attacking roll, with the number of holy items and circumstances considered as Edges (providing a +1) for the Roll. The creature resists this with it's Toughness. If used to cause Damage, divide the Effect between Willpower and Stamina (at least 1 to both.)

I like these mechanics as they make a Hunter that dabbles with Darkness more likely to be left in trouble as they try to control their munchkiny powers with lesser Hero points to save them. >:)
As always I've tried to keep the rules flexible so they can be used to create a variety of characters. My next post will probably showcase some of these.

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