Sunday, May 1, 2011

Occultus, the Mad Star

"In the star-possessèd night
The land knows another light—
All the small and evil rays
Of the sorcerous orbs ablaze
With ecstatical intense
Hate and still malevolence—
Dwelling on the fields below
From the ascendancy of even
Till the suns, re-entering heaven,
Glorify with triple glow
The dim flowers smitten low."
The Land of Evil Stars - Clark Ashton Smith

The Mad Star Occultus bathes the world in revealing purple light when on the sky. The god of science and insight, Occultus is said to resemble an unblinking eye, endlessly watching and analyzing the world.

As such, Occultus is the source of the sorcery known as Divination. It is said that no secret is safe from him and none bar the shadowy star Noctis herself can hide from him. Sorcerers and cultists of Occultus are often those who covet knowledge, secrets and the power they bring. Those most likely to turn to Occultus are intelligent or insane individuals such as scientists (astronomers in particular), librarians, investigators, explorers and the paranoid.

Forbidden lore states that Occultus wasn't always insane, but was driven to it after eons of solitary enlightenment. Some say, however, that Occultus lost his mind divining the course of the already insane world. Whatever the case, the sorcerers of the Mad Star tend to also become more and more insane with each elevating revelation.

Though once the god of reason and logic, the Occultus is an insane star. Its path through the heavens is incredibly convoluted to the degree of appearing completely random. Because of its complex orbit, the only requiremnt high sorcerers of the cult of Occultus are those who can divine the star's movements. It is their insane insight that allows them to peer through the veils of reality that more rational beings could scarcely even imagine to exist.

Random blessings from Occultus (roll 1d6):
1 - Unblinking Eyes: You never close your eyes. You also cannot sleep, so you're very hard to sneak upon.
2 - Unnatural Memory: You remember everything you've seen or heard with unnerving accuracy.
3 - Insane Insight: You can roll Smarts to come up with unintuitive, seemingly insane solutions to difficult situations.
4 - Horrible Visions: You see terrifying visions of past, future or current events. These can manifest as nightmares if you are capable of sleep.
5 - Infovore: You can read and understand, but not write or speak, any language or code.
6 - Precognition: You can roll Smarts instead of Speed to evade or dodge attacks.

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