Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quick and Dirty Savage Worlds Psychic Rules

I am often disappointed by the default Savage Worlds magic system, as it gives you three powers straight from the start, combined with a power point system I find fairly unimaginative. So, here's what I've used in a previous campaign.

In my campaign, I used the Guts skill for all psychic rolls. The reason for this was twofold: first, the Guts skill was kinda useless otherwise (it's not even featured in the Deluxe version of Savage Worlds anymore) and second, psychic powers are basically about controlling your own mind to affect the outside world. You could easily use another skill, maybe make it based on Smarts instead of Spirit or you can do like I did and "hide" the psychic rule system behind Guts until you reveal the psychic potential in your characters.

The range of powers available is taken from my own Psychic Power List. I allow any effect from this list. Each power known costs 1 Edge. However, anyone with at least 1 Power Edge can spend a Benny to use any other power on the list, though they automatically gain one Fatigue if they do so.

When actually using a power, you roll your Guts skill. If you are successful, whether against a target number or your opponent's roll, the power is in effect. If you roll a 1 on your Guts die, regardless of Wild Die, you instantly gain 1 Fatigue. Also, whenever you use a power, you are automatically Shaken afterwards and opponents get a +2 to attack you until your next turn.

For damage, roll Spirit + d10. As this is a Spirit roll, you get your Wild Die, much the same as when attacking in melee.

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