Sunday, June 10, 2012

Owl Talisman

The Owl Talisman is a magic amulet created by the Odin-worshiping druids of the north. The amulet consists of a mummified owl eye hung from a string, with three feathers pointing downwards. The carrier of the talisman can see normally in darkness. The carrier's senses are also amplified and the talisman grants him a +1 bonus to all Instinct rolls.

The Owl Talisman has additional powers when fed with the blood of humans. The active power depends on the age of the last person in whose blood the talisman was soaked in:
< 10 Years old - Can see through illusions
> 50 Years old - Gains +1 to all Lore rolls
All ages: Can see invisible things

Once activated, a power lasts only until the next full moon, after which the amulet must be fed again to gain the benefits.

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