Thursday, December 15, 2011

Damage table

After thinking of several different schemes for RPG health systems, I found most of them lacking. Specifically, they weren't brutal enough. I want my players to be actually worried at the chance of physical conflict, and have them prepare for it instead of just kicking the door down. So, the rules I chose favor the attacker and most fights are over in just one round. Don't worry, though, player characters still get those three magical 'fate points' (name pending) that allow them to basically deflect any one attack.

So, without further ado, here's the wound effect table in its most basic form:

Reference this table for each successful die:
< 4 No effect
4 - 5 Shaken; -1 until next round to all actions
6 - 8 Wounded; permanent wound that persists until the victim receives proper medical care and/or a prosthesis.
9 - 10 Dying; as Wounded, but must also receive medical attention or die within (Might roll) turns. The victim is considered helpless and unconscious.
> 11 Instant, messy death.

For each effect, the attacking player chooses the type of the wound (for example, if a Wounded result is just a surface scratch or a lost leg.)
I recommend using the values 6 through 8 inherent in the table to determine the severity of the loss.

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